Soil Health

Pinnacle’s Phil Foster committed to soil management

Call him a grounded grower. Phil Foster is committed – not only to his customers and employees, and not only to his business’s success. He... more »

Cover crops can give hot, dry soils more than just ‘cover’

The Southern High Plains of the United States have low annual rainfall. When it does rain, though, intense storms can cause severe soil erosion. Stro... more »

Rediscover the ‘green manure’ of cover crops

Farmers throughout history have taken advantage of off-season plant growth to enhance their next year’s crops. These plants, called cover crops, are... more »

Organic matter cuts plant-microbe links, soil scientists say

Soil scientists from Cornell and Rice University have dug around and found that although adding carbon organic matter to agricultural fields is usuall... more »

Partnership paves way for farmers to sell carbon credits

Carborn farming startups Locus Agricultural Solutions (Locus AG) and Nori recently said they’ve paved the way for payments to farmers harvesting ... more »

California includes organics in $1.5M fertilizer research grants

[caption id="attachment_914" align="alignright" width="300"] Joji Muramoto is the first Cooperative Extension specialist dedicated to organic agricult... more »

Iowa study says integrated crops/livestock systems OK for food safety

Experiments involving the integration of cattle into crop rotations in organic food production showed such systems performed well in keeping pathogens... more »

Soil health: Experts say use one-step-at-a-time approach

Hall-of-Fame quarterback Dan Marino once did a TV commercial endorsing Isotoner gloves. In it, he gifted gloves to his offensive linemen, who were res... more »

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