Soil Health

New wireless soil moisture, temperature data loggers from Onset

Onset, a manufacturer of data loggers, has expanded its HOBO MX2300 product line of temp/RH loggers to include fully integrated soil moisture and temp... more »

Certis Biologicals offering free nematode soil testing

Plant-parasitic nematodes lurk under the soil, wreaking havoc on plants’ root systems, which can ultimately damage yields and overall plant health. ... more »

Rodale starts study on replacing plastic mulch with cover crops

The Rodale Institute California Organic Center recently started a new research project: Replacing Plastic Mulch with Cover Crops in Organic Vegetable ... more »

Organic producers lead nation in soil health practices

According to the 2022 National Organic Research Agenda (NORA), organic producers lead the nation in adoption of soil health and environmental stewards... more »

Assess summer cover crop benefits before organic vegetable in the fall

Weed control and building soil nutrients are major challenges for organic growers, but a new study at Iowa State University (ISU) found the right choi... more »

Revisiting compost for vegetable production

Each year I field questions from vegetable and strawberry growers on the use of compost for their production systems. The availability of commercial c... more »

Soil carbon is food for the soil

Simply put, soil carbon is part of the organic matter component of soil. Carbon in the soil is an important source of food for microorganisms in the s... more »

Microbe-based nitrogen fixation product distributed by Corteva

Corteva Agriscience has been named the exclusive distributor of a nitrogen-fixation product for both specialty growers and row crop farmers by biotech... more »

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