Feb 6, 2024
Irrigation pivot sensor introduced by Reinke, CropX

An irrigation company and a digital ag supplier are partnering to help growers improve irrigation efficiencies.

CropX Technologies, a global agribusiness farm management and digital agriculture provider, is launching a new product in partnership with Reinke Irrigation to refine grower water management through field-specific Evapotranspiration (ET) measurements of crop water use.

CropX Technologies s launching a new product in partnership with Reinke Irrigation to refine grower water management through field-specific Evapotranspiration measurements of crop water use.


The trademarked Reinke Direct ET by CropX is an innovation that provides affordable actual evapotranspiration (ETa) measurements with a sensor mounted on a Reinke center pivot irrigation system, available exclusively through Reinke, according to a news release.

“With the demands on irrigation water rising, the need for precision in irrigation is only becoming more pressing,” company officials said in the release. “ET values indicate the total water used by plants and evaporated from the soil. Reinke Direct ET by CropX offers measured, not modeled, field-specific values without need for any additional calculations. This offers farmers using Reinke center pivots a practical solution to manage water resources with greater precision.”

By measuring the amount of water that their crops use, Reinke Direct ET gives farmers daily insights into their field’s water needs, enabling informed irrigation decisions on when and how much to irrigate their crops, according to the release. The innovation aims to promote water-efficient practices and support sustainable farming using a device that is easy to install and maintain and does not require removal at the end of the season.

Reinke is a center pivot manufacturer which works to empower growers globally.  Working with CropX, Reinke works to ensure growers use water and other resources in the most efficient way.  By combining farm data, real-time conditions, and agronomic knowledge, Reinke and CropX provide the grower with powerful insights and advice for their agronomic operations, according to the release.

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“Reinke is renowned for its innovative and practical precision irrigation solutions. Reinke will continue to lead the industry by partnering with CropX to offer actual evapotranspiration data from a farmer’s specific field.  With this enhanced insight, farmers can make better decisions at the field level, where it
counts the most,” Chris Roth, Reinke’s president, said in the release.

In addition to Reinke Direct ET by CropX available on the Reinke center pivots, CropX is also releasing its Actual ET sensor, a device that can be installed in any field to measure Actual Evapotranspiration (ETa). When used in combination with a CropX soil sensor as part of the CropX agronomic farm management system, growers will have access to the most accurate overview of water-plant usage and soil water availability to bring the highest accuracy to irrigation decisions, according to the release.

Reinke Irrigation logo“CropX Technologies is committed to gathering the best data from the field and delivering it to growers to enhance their agronomic management decisions. Precision agriculture is crucial for modern farming. Our collaboration with Reinke Irrigation allows us to deliver practical solutions that help pivot farmers
optimize their water usage, while our new Actual ET devices can ensure non-pivot growers can access the same level of detail,” Tomer Tzach, CropX’s CEO, said in the release.

Based in San Francisco, CropX Technologies is a global provider of agribusiness farm management solutions. The CropX agronomic farm management system offers advanced soil and crop intelligence and digital agronomic decision and planning tools through apps capable of tracking multiple farms and fields.

With dealers in more than 40 countries, Reinke is one of the world’s largest privately held manufacturer of center pivot and lateral move irrigation systems. Family-owned since 1954 and headquartered in Deshler, Nebraska, Reinke develops products and technology designed to increase agriculture production while providing labor savings and environmental efficiencies.

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