Berries top 2023 organic fresh produce sales

Berries now lead the pack in the rankings of fresh organic produce sales. According to the latest sales data, berries top 2023 organic fresh produce movement. For the... more »

In-depth data: New carbon monitoring system digs deep into soil health

A tool originally developed to monitor wildfire smoke has the potential to help farmers improve soil health, combat climate change, and even predict the weather. Organic grower Braga... more »

Nitrogen needs: Calculating nitrogen release a multifaceted process

It’s imperative that enough nitrogen be available during a crop’s peak uptake period. This generally begins three to four weeks after full-season crops are planted, and this period... more »

Defying the cold: How 2 N.C. farmers defend their crops against frost

Phyllis Walsh grows produce year-round as the owner of DabHar Farm in south-central North Carolina. Selling at the Waxhaw farmers market near Charlotte, she finds that even in... more »

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