Soil Health

Perennial grains studied for potential in crop field borders

Planting beneficial plants next to gardens and crop fields large and small has been a standard practice for decades, even centuries. The plants provid... more »

Saturated riparian buffer strips stop farm runoff of most nitrate, study says

A new study suggests we may have more opportunities to protect our waterways. That’s because one system for keeping too many nutrients out of stream... more »

New cover crop research informs plans for groundwater sustainability

Cover crop research conducted by a team of university researchers is now helping to inform and shape policy to implement the Sustainable Groundwater M... more »

Killing time for cover crops? Late-planted rye won’t delay crimping.

Cereal rye as an overwinter cover crop poses a special challenge for organic vegetable growers. Unlike conventional growers who manage cereal rye in t... more »

For Arizona worm farmer Zach Brooks, business is booming and competition is welcome

This livestock won’t require a roundup. They won’t run away – wiggle or dig is the best they can do.  And yet, the waste produced by earthwor... more »

AgroThrive’s new president a veteran of the organic industry

AgroThrive Inc., the California-based manufacturer of innovative liquid organic bio-fertilizers, recently appointed organic industry veteran Will Dani... more »

WSU charts possibilities of biochar industry in agriculture

A team of biochar producers, practitioners, scientists, and engineers have published a roadmap for future development of the biochar industry in the... more »

Washington sheep farmer tests effect of grazing on potato farmland

The concept of regenerative agriculture is popular these days. The Rodale Institute states that regenerative agriculture “prioritizes soil health wh... more »

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