Soil Health

Revisiting compost for vegetable production

Each year I field questions from vegetable and strawberry growers on the use of compost for their production systems. The availability of commercial c... more »

Soil carbon is food for the soil

Simply put, soil carbon is part of the organic matter component of soil. Carbon in the soil is an important source of food for microorganisms in the s... more »

Microbe-based nitrogen fixation product distributed by Corteva

Corteva Agriscience has been named the exclusive distributor of a nitrogen-fixation product for both specialty growers and row crop farmers by biotech... more »

Calculating benefit of nutrients in manure versus fertilizer

Given the high costs of "commercial" fertilizer components (N, P, K), many are looking at the range of nutrient credit from “unmanipulated animal or... more »

Midwestern BioAg, Indigo Agriculture collaborate to support carbon farming

Midwestern BioAg (MBA) is collaborating with Indigo Agriculture to help farmers access and maximize success in the rapidly growing market for agricult... more »

Justice Department responds on behalf of USDA in organic lawsuit

The Coalition for Sustainable Organics (CSO) is heartened by the initial response of the Department of Justice to defend organic growers’ rights to... more »

PhycoTerra makes ’10 most innovative products’ list

Heliae Agriculture recently announced that PhycoTerra ST, a seed coating, was named a Top 10 Most Innovative Product by a leading seed industry public... more »

Verde Resources to kickstart carbon farming with biochar in Missouri

Verde Resources Inc., a subsidiary of Verde Renewables, recently signed a lease-to-purchase agreement for a 24-acre property in La Belle, Missouri, cr... more »

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