Feb 2, 2022
Simply Organic awards $150K to farms, nonprofits giving food security

Simply Organic recently announced six recipients would receive grants from the Simply Organic Giving Fund Grant Program, donating a collective $150,000 to address food insecurity in the U.S.

Simply Organic – an all-organic brand from Norway, Iowa-based Frontier Co-op – offers a variety of certified-organic spices, baking flavors and extracts, seasoning mixes and simmer sauces.

“As the prevalence of food insecurity has heightened over the last two years, the Simply Organic Giving Fund remains steadfast in its commitment to helping nourish food insecure communities in the United States and Canada by supporting organizations that provide access to healthy, organic food options,” Simply Organic brand manager Katie Shatzer said in a news release from the company.

The 2022 Simply Organic Giving Fund Grant Program recipients include:

  • Dion’s Chicago Dream:Dion’s Chicago Dream brings fresh, healthy produce to residents of Chicago’s West Englewood neighborhood – a food desert where more than 13,500 individuals lack consistent access to adequate, nutritious food – and will receive a $15,000 grant from Simply Organic to continue expanding Dream Deliveries and increase access to healthy, nutritious fruits and vegetables.
  • Emergency Food Network: Emergency Food Network’s Mother Earth Farm – an 8-acre organic farm located in Washington State’s Puyallup Valley, harvests and distributes more than 100,000 lbs. of organic produce to local food pantries every year. Mother Earth Farm will receive a $45,000 grant to continue growing more than 100 types of fruits and vegetables that meet the wide-ranging needs of pantry guests and celebrate their unique culinary cultures.
  • HASERHASER works to combat growing food insecurity in Puerto Rico following natural disasters and a socioeconomic crisis that left the island dependent on imported food. Through its network of local farmers, HASER has provided more than 28,000 lbs. of organic, locally grown produce to families in need and will receive a $15,000 grant to expand its network of local farmers and continue to combat food insecurity in Puerto Rico.
  • Matthew 25Matthew 25’s Groundswell Café is a “pay-it-forward” eatery providing eastern Iowans with access to handmade organic meals – regardless of their ability to pay. Groundswell Café will receive a $15,000 grant to continue providing free, healthy, organic meals to residents in need.
  • Project Worthmore: Project Worthmore’s DeLaney Community Farm supports refugees and immigrants through community-based food security programs. Dedicated farm shares provide organic produce distributed three times a week to over 150 refugee households and will receive a $45,000 grant to expand their operations at DeLaney Farm and continue to distribute fresh, healthy produce.
  • Working Theory FarmWorking Theory Farm is a nonprofit organic farm in Hillsboro, Oregon committed to serving low-income Latinx families, many of whom are migrants or undocumented. In partnership with Centro Cultural, this year it aims to distribute more than 15,000 lbs. of free fresh, organic produce to these underrepresented families in need. The organization will receive a $15,000 grant to assist their Project SOPA, an initiative to address the racial disparities of poverty and food insecurity among migrant workers in the community.

In 2001, the Simply Organic Giving Fund was established to support organic agricultural development around the world, according to a news release from the company. In 2018, the brand turned its giving focus to the important work of supporting organizations dedicated to nourishing the millions of food insecure in the United States and Canada. Over the past 20 years, the Simply Organic Giving Fund has given more than $2 million to projects around the globe.

Above, Working Theory Farm in Oregon received a grant from Simply Organic’s foundation. Photo: Simply Organic

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