Jul 18, 2022
Organic wetting agent available soon

A new product is on the horizon from Verano365. The horticulture inputs innovation company plans to release an OMRI listed version of their Cultivata wetting agent in the coming months.

Cultivata is an advanced, proprietary liquid surfactant formulation that has shown superior wetting capabilities in hydrophobic growing media. Many organic growers looking for a wetting agent to help with soil moisture and nutrient delivery have been limited to using yucca-based products as an alternative to synthetic wetting agents. The performance delta between yucca wetting agents and synthetics is significant, and there has been a gap in the market for non-synthetic water management inputs.

Cultivata wetting agent
A new wetting agent said to outperform yucca. Photo: Verano365

In internal product development testing, Cultivata Organic outperformed yucca by 93% on initial wetting time. And, on rewet time, the Cultivata Organic product beat yucca by 67%. Good wetting agents help growers with nutrient management during production and can help maintain plant vigor on store shelves through water retention. Additionally, Cultivata Organic provided 17% better water retention in soilless media vs. yucca wetting agents.

The driving force behind Cultivata Organic’s wetting ability and water retention is the company’s proprietary technology, OpusMAX, a patent-pending, OMRI listed formulation chemistry that creates supramolecular structures from active ingredients to amplify performance.

Organic growers and soilless media producers will now be able to enjoy all the benefits of a traditional wetting agent, such as more consistent plant growth, enhanced nutrient management, and better end-to-end water management. And with better wettability, growers should be able to expend less labor on water management.

Cultivata Organic is being introduced during Cultivate’22, a horticulture tradeshow by AmericanHort. Cultivata Organic is the fifth product release from the Texas-based startup utilizing OpusMAX to increase the efficacy of horticultural inputs.

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