Jan 19, 2022
No-till grower wins 80 acres’ worth of PhycoTerra

Joe Sperfslage, a no-till grower from Coggin, Iowa, recently won 80 acres of PhycoTerra soil microbial food from Heliae Agriculture, an algal tech company that specializes in scalable regenerative agriculture solutions.

PhycoTerra and at least one other product from Heliae are certified by the Organic Materials Review Institute.

The prize was announced at the 30thAnnual National No-Tillage Conference in Louisville, Kentucky, where PhycoTerra was a title sponsor, according to a news release from the company. Through this sponsorship and prize, no-till growers were able to learn about how they can wake up the dormant microbes in their soil with a superior soil microbial food.

“No-till, reduced-till, strip-till and cover crop growers are the farmers who really understand and appreciate the importance of soil health,” Norm Davy, chief revenue officer at Heliae Agriculture, said in the news release. “Heliae was proud to be a title sponsor at this year’s No-Till Conference to help these growers further progress as they look for new, innovative ways to promote successful yields by improving soil health. PhycoTerra-branded products add another tool in their regenerative and sustainable toolbox that is laser-focused on enhancing and supporting the biological component of soil.”

The goal of the National No-Tillage Conference is to support growers with education, innovative product showcases, and practical tips to create thriving no-till operations and regenerate healthy soil, according to the news release. Tech talks and no-till classrooms covered a variety of topics important to no-till growers, from integrating cover crops to understanding emerging carbon markets to the importance of proper residue management in supporting soil’s biological health.

“The science behind PhycoTerra and the soil microbiome is really exciting for no-till growers,” said Karl Wyant, VP of Ag Science at Heliae. “PhycoTerra wakes up a diverse range of microbes in the growers’ soil, and the microbes do a diverse range of jobs, thus serving as a versatile tool to solve a lot of challenges (that) no-till growers face. Our products improve soil quality and can also be added to a grower’s post-harvest residue management program, reducing up to 30% mass of crop trash without tilling. It’s really a win-win for growers looking for something innovative in their fields.”

To learn how PhycoTerra soil microbial food can benefit your no-till operation from pre-plant to post-harvest, visit www.phycoterra.com.

To learn more about no-till practices and their potential impact on your farm, visit https://www.no-tillfarmer.com.

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