Feb 27, 2020
Happy Family Organics launches new baby food

Happy Family Organics recently rolled out a new product line, Happy Baby Organics Regenerative & Organic baby food.

The Happy Baby Organics Regenerative & Organic baby food line debuts this month exclusively at Whole Foods Market locations nationwide. The food product for children aged six months or older is made “with ingredients grown using regenerative farming practices that can help to mitigate climate change by building healthy soil that captures carbon from the atmosphere,” according to a press release from the company.

The Stewart Family of Columbia Gorge Farm in Hood River, Oregon is one of the family farms with regenerative food practices that supplies Happy Family Organics.

“Hood River soil is especially rich in naturally occurring nutrients, and as the stewards of more than 180 acres of land in the area, we have a responsibility to ensure the health of the soil for the greater region and the longevity of our family farm,” Cheryl Stewart, co-owner of the Columbia Gorge Farm, said in a press release. “Regenerative practices help us enrich the soil, enhancing the health of and nutrients in our crops. This is especially important to us knowing that our fruits and veggies are part of the Regenerative & Organic product line from Happy Family Organics and will feed babies around the nation. We’re doing our part to help ensure a healthier and brighter future for all children, and the future generations that will carry on our family farm tradition.”

Happy Family Organics is working with its farmer partners with the intention of increasing the supply of regenerative and organic ingredients to support a broader launch this summer and into 2021.  The Regenerative & Organic line includes delicious Stage 2 blends available in 4-packs. Each 4-pack includes one of three flavor combinations:

  1. Apples, Kale & Oats.
  2. Pears, Squash & Oats
  3. Apples & Carrots.

The product uses regenerative agriculture practices to farm the fresh fruit, veggies, and oats inside each pouch, is USDA Certified Organic and Rodale Institute Approved. Rodale Institute is a nonprofit dedicated to pioneering organic and regenerative farming through research and outreach.

“As parents ourselves, we believe we need to act urgently and impactfully to do our part to help reverse climate change and cultivate a more sustainable world for our children to inherit,” said Anne Laraway, CEO of Happy Family Organics. “Regenerative agriculture practices are part of that solution.”

Since 2018, the brand has invested in on-site farmer training programs on regenerative practices. In 2019, Happy Family Organics sourced 300,000 pounds of fruit and vegetables from farms that incorporate regenerative practices, with plans to source more than two million pounds in 2020.

Pouches aren’t recyclable yet in municipal and curbside systems, but Happy Family Organics is working hard to change that. The Regenerative & Organic line of baby food pouches will be recyclable through Happy Family Organics’ take-back program with TerraCycle, in support of the brand’s pledge to make 100% of its packaging reusable, recyclable or compostable by 2025. Consumers can participate by visiting www.terracycle.com/en-US/brigades/happy-family-organics where they can request a free recycling envelope for pouches, as well as flexible plastic packaging, and caps.



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