Jun 21, 2022
Free Sustainable Agronomy Conference webinar series coming from ASA

The American Society of Agronomy (ASA) will host the fifth annual Sustainable Agronomy Conference in a virtual event series. The series is free to attend.

The conference consists of sessions over four weeks starting on July 19, with one two-hour session held each week. This conference provides CCAs and Agri-Sales Professionals with the opportunity to learn about the latest in-field, sustainable agronomic practices and principles. The mission of the conference is to provide education in a science-based, unbiased way.

Topics will include:

  • July 19: Utilizing Precision Agriculture for Sustainable Crop Management
  • July 26: Enhancing Sustainability through On-farm Research and Metrics
  • Aug. 2: Building Soil Health with 4R Nutrient Management
  • Aug. 9: Exploring the Present and Future of Carbon and Ecosystem Services Markets

Unlike other sustainability or agronomy conferences that describe broad research findings, this conference will be action-oriented, practical, interactive and applied with a focus on decision support and execution.

“The word ‘sustainable’ to means the power to stay effective. In agriculture, we must know or learn how to adjust management decisions that will provide products to the consumer that they find beneficial,” said Traci Bultemeier, current chair of the International Certified Crop Adviser Board. “Those decisions also have to bring benefit to the producer economically while preserving or improving the environment around us.”

Bultemeier emphasized that sustainable agriculture has many moving and intricate pieces, and it is important to maintain fundamental practices while exploring all that the future of production agriculture has to offer.

“I believe the speakers and the content of the 2022 Sustainable Agronomy Conference will offer many thought-provoking ideas followed up by research that begins to answer the questions around economics, implementation, and the acceptance of new ideas,” she added.

For more information about the Sustainable Agronomy Conference and to register, visit www.agronomy.org/meetings/sustainable-agronomy. (Registrants can attend the live sessions or watch the recordings later.)

Media representatives are invited to attend the virtual 2022 Sustainable Agronomy Conference. Please register through the standard portal on the website.

The American Society of Agronomy represents researchers and professionals who specialize in growing our world’s food supply while protecting our environment. Together members work toward solutions to advance scientific knowledge in the areas of agronomy, crop science, and soil science.


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