Jul 8, 2021
Washington State family farm debuts retail bags of organic flour

Bakers, fire up your ovens.

Cascade Organic Flour is introducing new products including 5 lb. retail bags of Organic All-Purpose Flour and Organic Whole Wheat Flour.

Cascade Organic Flour is a family-owned producer of organic wheat and organic wheat flour based near Royal City in Washington state, according to a release from a company. Its modern flour mill is next to its organic farm near the east slopes of the Cascade Mountains in Washington State. The farm grows organic wheat, organic pinto beans, organic black beans and organic corn, according to the company website.

Since 2014, Cascade Organic Flour has been milling organic wheat flours for various large commercial bakeries across the United States and is a top manufacturer of premium natural organic wheat flours in the Western U.S., according to the news release.

The rich volcanic soils of Cascade’s organic farm are irrigated with pure Columbia River water fed by mountain glaciers, according to the release.

“As a result, our organic farm produces some of the highest quality and premium organic hard red wheat in the world. More importantly, our flour and wheat are certified organic, natural and non-GMO,” according to the release.

Company officials said Cascade Organic Flour has been receiving a lot of inquiries over the past few months from retailers asking for small retail packs or bags of Cascade’s organic flours due to the rising interest and demand for natural and organic food ingredients and products.

As a result, Cascade Organic Flour decided to move ahead with the introduction of 5 lb. retail bags of Organic All-Purpose Flour as a follow-up to the recent successful release of its 5 lb. retail bag(s) of Organic Whole Wheat Flour.

Above, three 5 lb. Retail Bags of Cascade’s All-Purpose Organic Flour. Photo: Cascade

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