Jul 11, 2024
CCOF foundation launches endowment to keep organics going

The California Certified Organic Farmers Foundation (CCOF) has created an endowment to ensure growers can remain growing organic in perpetuity.

The CCOF Foundation is undertaking a $5 million campaign to raise funds for the CCOF Foundation’s programs through the CCOF Endowment.

The programs provide scholarships for future organic farmers, disaster relief for organic farmers suffering from hardships, and wrap-around services for farmers transitioning land to organic as well as unrestricted funds to enhance the CCOF Foundation’s ability to support famers as they go and stay organic, according to a news release.

CCOF California Certified Organic Farmers Foundation


Becky Blythe, one of the CCOF’s most tenured staff, chose to carry forward CCOF’s passion in her will when she bequeathed a $100,000 gift to the CCOF Foundation.

After careful consideration on how to utilize the gift in a way that best honors Blythe’s legacy while advancing a world where organic is the norm, the CCOF Foundation has launched the endowment, of which the Becky Blythe Endowed Fund is the inaugural gift, according to the release.

Based in Santa Cruz, California, CCOF Foundation advances organic by supporting the people and communities who care for the land. CCOF Foundation unites the organic community to advance organic agriculture through education, financial support and growth opportunities for organic professionals, according to the release.

The foundation’s work began in 1973 when founding members united around a kitchen table and a cause: clean healthy food. Since then, CCOF’s community has grown into a network of thousands of organic producers across North America and a dedicated CCOF staff that is passionate about making a difference, according to the release.

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