Jan 19, 2021
USDA offers free courses on sampling, energy infrastructure

The USDA’s National Organic Program recently added two free courses through the Organic Integrity Learning Center.

The courses are free, although registration is required.

Here are descriptions of the courses as laid out by the National Organic Program in a recent newsletter:

Sampling and Testing
Residue sampling and testing play an integral role in verifying the compliance of organic farms and businesses. This course addresses the authorities under which certifiers conduct sampling and testing, describes the sampling planning process, examines appropriate responses to sample result findings, and shows proper procedures for collecting samples of organic products in a variety of settings. Designed for both certifiers and inspectors, this course provides key insights for those overseeing and implementing sampling and testing work as part of an overall organic control system.

Organic Integrity and Energy Infrastructure
This course addresses how organic certifiers and inspectors can identify and mitigate potential risks associated with energy infrastructure on organic farms. It also provides organic farmers who encounter infrastructure development with information to help manage what happens on their land. Practical case studies emphasize proactive communication strategies with the full range of stakeholders involved in energy infrastructure projects.

Previously-created courses include recordkeeping, organic system plans, certification review essentials, traceability techniques, natural resources and biodiversity, and organic fraud and the criminal mind.

Registering by creating an account is required to access the courses.

Once logged into the Organic Integrity Learning Center, signing up for a course is like buying a product at an online store, but all training is free, the USDA said in its newsletter. Detailed sign-up instructions, with screenshots, are available online.

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