Jul 8, 2021
US organic program rolls out ‘microlearning’ courses 

The National Organic Program recently rolled out a new “microlearning” format for topics or courses on its Organic Integrity Learning Center.

According to a newsletter from the NOP, the new format is designed for quick, on-the-job learning, and each microlearning course covers one topic, includes an ungraded knowledge check, and can be completed in 10-15 minutes.

“Microlearning is great for all organic stakeholders,” according to the newsletter. “You can use microlearning to understand the public comment process, review the ins and outs of adverse actions, learn critical inspection skills and more.”

The current microlearning topics include:

  • Writing an Effective Public Comment.
  • Introduction to the National Organic Standards Board.
  • Noncompliance and Adverse Action Process.
  • 3 Options for Resolving an Adverse Action.
  • When to Use Combined Notices.
  • Conducting the Annual Program Review.
  • Conducting a Mass Balance Audit.
  • Documenting a Trace-Back Audit.

Other topics are forthcoming soon.

Creating an online account is required. Once logged into the USDA AMS National Organic Program, Organic Integrity Learning Center, signing up for a course is like buying a product at an online store, but all training is free.

To access Microlearning, register for the National Organic Program Microlearning course in the Organic Integrity Learning Center.

Instructions for using the learning center are available online.

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