Aug 19, 2021
Trade group to introduce seal for certified humic ag products
Humic Products Trade Association

The Humic Products Trade Association, or HPTA, will hold its annual meeting Nov. 15-17, 2021, in Gilbert, Arizona.

The meeting will focus on the biostimulant regulatory environment and test methods for humic and fulvic acids, and the introduction to the HPTA Seal for certified humic products. HTPA Members and non-member guests can attend the in-person presentations and tours or watch portions of the event virtually.

Guests and members may register and learn more at

HPTA promotes the commercial trade of humic substances – naturally occurring substances found in organic matter – through scientific cooperation and industry regulation.

“The humic industry has matured significantly since the trade association was founded in 2010. Humic-based products show benefits in multiple industries increasing its acceptance and use,” said Russell Taylor, HPTA president.

Humic substances are ubiquitous and exist naturally in the remains of decayed biomatter in soils and water. Highly concentrated humic deposits are found in peat, oxidized coal, and shale deposits. Humic substances improve soil, maintain turf, enhance nutrition efficiency, and are also used in soil and water remediation. Other industries also using humic substances also seeing increased demand such as dietary supplements, livestock feeds and as an additive in drilling mud.

“The goal of the HPTA is to expand the market opportunity for humic substances in all of those areas by bringing the scientific community together and streamlining regulatory issues,” Taylor said.

This year’s conference will address the latest research, regulatory issues, and the HPTA testing methods. HPTA member Bio Huma Netics (BHN) will host the event at their corporate headquarters and laboratory in Gilbert, Ariz. BHN produces liquid, dry, and water-soluble humic and fulvic acid products from naturally occurring leonardite.

The three-day meeting includes a lab tour at BHN, and a visit to Duncan Family Farms. This farm is a fourth-generation farm nationally recognized as a showcase of progressive and environmentally sensitive farming techniques, including those leveraging the benefits of humic products.


The Humic Products Trade Association (HPTA) is a not-for-profit membership organization that was founded in 2010 with the purpose of advancing the commercial uses of humic products through scientific and regulatory cooperation. Information regarding the Humic Products Trade Association, including Membership can be found at Join us and help shape an industry.

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