Jan 12, 2024
Study asks growers about biologicals

Informa Markets’ Farm Progress and Valent BioSciences have signed on as sponsors of benchmarking research focused on the use of agricultural biologicals on specialty crops.

The study, “Biologicals: Specialty Crop Growers’ Perceptions, Values, and Potential,” is being conducted by Stratovation Group. It will document grower sentiment regarding the use, benefits and future applications of biological inputs in specialty crops, including leafy greens, stone fruits, other fruits and vegetables nuts.

Stratovation Group logoResearch and consulting firm Stratovation Group will conduct this qualitative market research initiative early this year. Farm Progress and Valent BioSciences join initial sponsors Redox Bio-Nutrients, Certis Biologicals and the Biological Products Industry Alliance, with ongoing strategic counsel from biologicals specialist Pam Marrone.

Cam Camfield, founder and CEO of Stratovation Group, highlighted the significance of the additions to the study.

“Including Farm Progress and Valent BioSciences strengthens our ability to delve even deeper into the sentiments of specialty crop growers,” Camfield said in a news release. “This study will build on the success of our initial farmer-centric study with row-crop farmers, shedding light on the specialty crop sector, which has shown early adoption of biological inputs. This diverse range of stakeholders will enhance the quality and depth of our research.”

The research, conducted with a strategic partnership with Western Growers, the Agricultural Retailers Association, D.C. Legislative and Regulatory Services and The Fertilizer Institute, will assess adoption rates and attitudes among growers regarding the application of biologicals on their farms and orchards.

“The information we gather will provide valuable guidance for the expansion and development of the agricultural biologicals market sector for specialty crop production,” Camfield said in the release. “Our unique grower-centric focus for this study really differentiates it from other biologicals reports.

“Our study places specialty crop growers at the core of our research, urging the market to listen attentively to their experiences, challenges, and successes at the field level.”

Camfield extended an open invitation to biological-focused companies, startups, investors and other interested parties to join the effort as sponsors. Sponsors are granted access to all research findings, including raw data. For those interested in participating, please visit StratovationGroup.com/biologicals or email Camfield at Cam@StratovationGroup.com.

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