Apr 9, 2020
Starr Ranch tries product for postharvest organic apple freshness

Wenatchee, Washington-based Starr Ranch Growers is trying an OMRI-listed product from Apeel Sciences to maintain freshness after harvesting its organic apples.

Starr Ranch Growers is a family-owned business in Wenatchee, Washington, that manages more than 13,000 acres of tree fruit orchards and packs in multiple locations across Washington and Oregon.

CEO Brett Reasor was quoted in a recent press release from Apeel:

“Apeel apples help maintain firmness and weight in cold storage and retail conditions, allowing our partners to capture higher sales for product that is sold by the pound,” he said. “With longer storage abilities we see opportunities to extend the marketing window for all of our organic varieties.”

Apeel logo

The product is made from materials found in fruit, and adds a little extra “peel” to the surface of fresh produce to slow down water loss and oxidation, according to the press release. The product extends the lifespan of organic apples by slowing the rate of water loss and maintaining firmness and color, Apeel said, and with the new product, the company said it’s possible to store and sell organic apples and year-round.

“The demand for organic produce continues to grow and Apeel is a solution that means less shrink for retailers and less waste at home,” Reasor said. “We are excited to be able to deliver the taste of fresh-picked organic apples year-round.”

Apeel Sciences was founded in 2012 with a grant from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation to help reduce post-harvest food loss in developing countries that lack access to refrigeration, according to a release from the company.

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