Aug 21, 2018
Peel-and-reseal packaging new adopted by Misionero
Stephen Kloosterman

Misionero, a leading grower and packer of organic leafy greens, recently announced it would transition its Earth Greens product line to the innovative peel-and-reseal packaging already used on its Garden Life product line.

Misionero said the adaptation went well. The company is committed to improving its packaging for all of its entire value-added items in an effort to eliminate plastics as well as provide clean products that are convenient for consumers.

The transition to the easy-to-open containers with flexible closure creates more product visibility, uses 20 percent less plastic and allows people to reseal the product multiple times without losing functionality and freshness. By reducing the amount of plastic used, Misionero is catering to shoppers looking for environmentally-friendly products that fit into their healthy lifestyles.

“We received an enormous amount of positive feedback from retailers and consumers when we launched the Garden Life line with the peel and reseal functionality,” said Nicole Zapata, marketing manager of Misionero. “Shoppers appreciate that they have a clear view of the product so they can feel confident before purchasing.”

The organic Earth Greens product line will fully transition to the new packaging in October.

Misionero, founded in 1973 by Floyd Griffin, specializes in the organic specialty salad category, It produces greens sold under the Earth Greens Organic, Garden Life, and Green Wave Farms labels. For more information on the wide range of products Misionero offers, visit


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