Jan 30, 2023
Organic snacking and heirloom tomatoes to see rising volume in February

Tomatoes take center stage in Organic Produce Network’s Week 4 Report, with promotional opportunities forecast for both organic snacking tomatoes and organic heirloom tomatoes into next month.

Organic grape tomato volume is rising along with temperatures in growing regions in Mexico and Florida, resulting in lower prices and promotional opportunities through the beginning of February, while volume harvests of organic heirloom tomatoes in Mexico are larger than expected.

Organic snacking tomatoes and organic heirloom tomatoes are seeing growing volume and decreasing prices into February. Photo: Provided

Florida is also in season with organic orange cherry tomatoes, organic rainbow cherry tomatoes and regular organic cherry tomatoes. Fair Trade organic darkloom tomatoes are in season through February.


With the majority of the rain appearing to have passed in California, the state — already emerging from the driest period in history — is now recovering from flooding and delayed harvests. Organic grapefruit, lemons, cara caras and navel oranges should be back to pre-storm levels and ready to promote in February and March. California organic mandarins will transition from Satsuma and Clementines to Daisy, Page and Tango varieties through January, while the first organic blood oranges of the season will be available the last week of January.


Organic blackberry pricing remains reasonable with consistent volume and excellent quality out of Mexico. Organic blueberry prices are expected to dip significantly in February as Chilean volume ramps up. Organic raspberry production remains high as production remains limited, with orders continuing to be heavily pro-rated. Plants are not producing as growers move to new regions, and shortages are expected through the beginning of February. Organic strawberry transition to Baja begins at the end of January, which will lead to more volume and reasonable pricing at the end of next month. Florida harvests are extremely limited.


Organic lettuce continues to see strong supply from both Florida and California shippers. Organic romaine hearts and iceberg lettuce are arriving from the West Coast at promotional prices and volume, while green leaf, red leaf and romaine lettuce from Florida remains consistent in supply and pricing.


Organic mini-mix sweet peppers are back and in plentiful supply in 12/1-pound pouch bags from Mexico and 18/12-ounce clamshells from Florida. Organic color bell peppers are also plentiful as Mexican supplies have steadily increased throughout January. Supplies from Israel remain consistent, with excellent quality and availability, but at a premium price over Mexico. Both growing regions will be available until the end of February.


Washington Organic Autumn Glory, Cosmic Crisp, Envy, Jazz, Kanzi, Lady Alice, Opal, Pinata, Pink Lady, and SugarBee apples are available for premium variety promotion. Washington Organic Fuji apples sized up large this past fall, and there will be some promotional opportunities on 56/64-count fruit.

Washington organic Gala apples are limited, with the crop significantly smaller. Washington organic Honeycrisp and Granny Smith apples have lighter volume coming out of storage this winter.

Organic cucumbers, zucchini, and yellow squash from Mexico are available through the end of January. A period of transition is approaching, and with disruptive civil unrest in Mexico, prices have risen throughout the month. Expect supplies to be readily available in early February, albeit at a higher price.

Organic Brussels sprouts from Mexico continue to be in high demand. While volume has increased, pricing has decreased. In February, expect reduced volume and pricing on high-quality Mexican products.

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