Mar 24, 2021
Organic potato farmers Harry and Amber Strohauer guests on podcast

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Strohauer Farms in Colorado, which grows both organic and conventional potatoes, was recently featured on an ag media podcast.

“Harry and Amber Strohauer” from The Potato Field by Spudman Magazine. Released: 2021. Track 12.

The challenging water situation in Northern Colorado in the early 21st century had Strohauer Farms looking to adapt. Today, the longtime potato growers not only grow conventional crops, but a wide range of organic and specialty potatoes. The father-daughter team of Harry and Amber Strohauer joined the podcast “The Potato Field” to share their farm’s evolution.

The Potato Field podcast is hosted by Organic Grower Contributing Editor Zeke Jennings, who is also managing editor of Spudman Magazine. The podcast’s sponsor is the One Four Group.

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