Oregon potato researchers tackle sprouting in storage

Oregon State University researchers will use a $2 million USDA grant to help prevent stored potatoes from sprouting.   The research will ... more »

Late blight discovered in Ontario potatoes

Late blight in potatoes has been discovered in Ontario. An ongoing USDA project indicates the presence of late blight in potatoes in Simcoe County,... more »

Potato squeeze being acutely felt in organic russets

The 2022-23 storage crop of all potatoes is down as much as 5% from the previous year, a shortage being most acutely felt in the organic russet potato... more »

Organic citrus supply, quality still good; potato problems loom

Organic citrus continues to be plentiful, with peak season supply in late February and promotional opportunities extending into March, according to Or... more »

Washington sheep farmer tests effect of grazing on potato farmland

The concept of regenerative agriculture is popular these days. The Rodale Institute states that regenerative agriculture “prioritizes soil health wh... more »

Cal-Organic’s ‘new crop’ organic potatoes to ship soon

Starting April 26, Cal-Organic Farms, the nation’s largest producer of organic vegetables, will begin shipping new-crop, or the earliest harvested c... more »

Organic potato farmers Harry and Amber Strohauer guests on podcast

Don’t move that dial, listeners, because we’ve got a great story coming up. Strohauer Farms in Colorado, which grows both organic and conventio... more »

Researcher studies enhanced nutrition of organic potatoes while building healthy soils

Weed management, soil health and the nutritional quality of foods grown organically continue to be high priority research topics for organic producers... more »

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