Nov 21, 2022
Soli Organic plans soil-based organic indoor farm in San Antonio

Soli Organic Inc., a soil-based, indoor farming company delivering 100% USDA certified organic produce, plans to build a high-tech, automated indoor farm and packing facility in San Antonio, Texas.

The Brooks farm will add 100,000 square feet of growing, including six vertical layers of production capacity and an additional 40,000 square feet of processing to Soli Organic’s nationwide footprint, further enhancing the Company’s ability to meet the needs of retailers and end consumers through high-tech farms in strategic locations around the country. Unlike the single-layer greenhouse technology used by some controlled environment agriculture (CEA) companies, Soli Organic grows in a denser and deeper six-level tray structure, that more efficiently uses horizontal and vertical space to drive significantly higher yields.

Soli Organic selected San Antonio and the Brooks community as the site of its next farm for its strategic location; the farm will further the company’s ability to serve 3,000 retailers and millions of customers across the fast-growing Texas Triangle and across the Southwest region with more regionally-grown products. The new facility will also provide opportunities for both management and grower talent coming out of a robust university and community college system throughout this vibrant and developing area.

“As Soli Organic continues to grow and scale operations around the country, we couldn’t be more excited to be expanding in Texas,” said Matt Ryan, CEO of Soli Organic.

The natural benefits of its soil-based growing system, combined with maximal space efficiency and the highly targeted use of technology, enable the company to offer fresh, 100% USDA certified organic herbs and leafy greens with all the sustainability benefits of indoor-grown produce, and at a much lower price point. The Company recently unveiled ‘Indolce’ basil priced at nearly a dollar less per ounce on average than field-grown organic produce, one of many new, affordable and fresh products the Company will roll out in the near future.

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