Feb 11, 2021
OPN publishes report on organic produce’s 2020 performance
Organic Produce Network

The Organic Produce Network has released its inaugural State of Organic Produce 2020, a comprehensive overview of how the industry performed last year, including data and analysis of retail sales of organic fresh produce.

The newly published report includes information related to:

  • The year-over-year growth of organic fresh produce compared to conventional
  • Region-specific organic produce performance
  • The top 10 organic produce items (in both sales and volume)
  • The percentage change in year-over-year monthly produce sales for both conventional and organic

Additionally, the report contains retailer and wholesaler feedback on last year’s record-breaking sales of organic fresh produce.

The downloadable report is available for viewing here.

“Organic produce took center stage in 2020 retail sales. The connection consumers made between their personal health and fresh produce is crystal clear in the data shared in this first-ever report. Organic produce is, and will remain, a key driver of retail sales,” said Tonya Antle, co-founder of the Organic Produce Network.

Working with Category Partners, a strategic data analysis and insights company, OPN provided quarterly updates of organic fresh produce sales throughout the past year. State of Organic Produce 2020 provides a deeper dive into last year’s sales of leading organic fresh produce items and how they fared compared to their conventional counterparts.

The 68-page report also includes commentary from several of the organic industry’s major trade organizations and associations, showcasing their work in promoting and protecting the integrity of organic fresh produce.

In addition to the downloadable version of the report, hard copies are being mailed to nearly 1,000 retailers. For further information about the report, please contact OPN atinfo@organicproducenetwork.com.

OPN is a marketing organization serving as the go-to resource for the organic fresh produce industry. The company's mission is to inform and educate through a strong digital presence with an emphasis on original content and complimented by engaging live events that bring together various components of the organic food community. The OPN audience includes organic producers, handlers, distributors, processors, wholesalers, foodservice operators, and retailers.

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