Jan 31, 2023
New Organic Farm Partners venture aims to make conversion more accessible

Organic Farm Partners is launching a new venture designed to make converting conventional farmland less expensive by making investments in organic farmland accessible through fractional shares.

“Organic demand has outpaced supply by a 4:1 ratio for the past decade and shows no signs of slowing,” Organic Farm Partners co-founder Cy Monley said in a news release. “The need for organic crops is tremendous, but most farmers are reluctant to undertake the expensive and disruptive transition. We bring the capital and expertise necessary to unlock the long-term benefits of organic practices for investors, the land, and the world.”

Organic Farm Partners’ new venture makes investments in organic farmland accessible through fractional shares. Photo: File

Over the past two decades, Organic Farm Partners has leveraged expertise in finance, agriculture, and technology to launch five businesses with two successful exits and to partner in more than 10 investments.

“We are aiming all of our collective experience toward accelerating the move to organic by developing new organic best practices and making organic farm investment available to a larger group of investors through fractional shares,” said co-founder Satish Nandapurkar. “Our longer-term goal is to create more investment products, organic farm conversion benchmarks, organic crop risk management best practices, and technology that will support the entire organic farming process.”

Co-founder John Meuret is the largest distributor of organic grain to the West Coast and has successfully converted more than 10,000 acres to organic, according to the release.

“As a fourth-generation farmer, an investor and a parent, I strongly believe we need to improve the way our food is grown,” Meuret said. “Organic Farm Partners seeks to preserve the long-term health of our country’s rural environments while providing investors access to vehicles with historically strong returns and low volatility.”

Farmland provides portfolio diversification that does not correlate with traditional assets, and its capital appreciation has outpaced inflation during the past 50 years, according to the release.

Organic Farm Partners investments are only available to accredited investors.


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