Jul 17, 2020
MOSES organic farming organization seeks new leader

The Midwest Organic and Sustainable Education Service (MOSES) is seeking a new executive director to lead the nonprofit, which educates farmers about organic and sustainable production.

The current head of the organization, Lauren Langworthy, has accepted another role outside the organization and is leaving at the end of the summer.

MOSES has a team of seven employees, five on-farm specialists, and additional contractors who provide educational events, resources, and practical advice to farmers.

The nonprofit is best known for hosting the annual MOSES Organic Farming Conference, recognized as the country’s premier event about organic and sustainable farming.

The new executive director will work with the 10-member MOSES Board of Directors to clarify and execute the nonprofit’s mission, vision, and strategic plans.

“We’re looking for a seasoned leader who is skilled in nonprofit management,” said David Perkins, president of the MOSES Board of Directors. “Ideally, the new director will have a connection to farming and a passion for organic and sustainable agriculture in order to understand the concerns of the farmers we serve.”

The executive director opening is posted at mosesorganic.org/job-postings. It will remain open through Aug. 14, 2020, or until the position is filled.

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MOSES is a nonprofit organization that supports o­­­rganic and sustainable agriculture by providing education, resources, and practical advice to help farmers succeed.

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