Feb 23, 2023
MOM’s Organic Market opens 1st New England store

Maryland-based MOM’s Organic Market, with locations in five states and Washington, D.C., has opened its first store in New England.

The Burlington, Massachusetts store is 30 minutes outside of Boston and offers 100% organic produce, sustainable seafood, gluten-free and vegan products, wellness and body care, and bulk spices, herbs and teas.

The store also offers a recycling program for customers, accepting cell phones, tablets, batteries, compost, eyeglasses, shoes and corks.

Maryland-based MOM’s Organic Market has opened its first store in New England in Burlington, Massachusetts. Photo: Provided

MOM’s was founded in 1987 as a home delivery business out of Scott Nash’s mom’s garage and made its first sale, to a customer in Rockville, Maryland, on July 2 of that year.

In 2021, MOM’s donated $375,807 to nonprofits and more than $1 million worth of food to local food banks, according to the company’s website. The company also donated 6,450 pairs of eyeglasses to visually impaired people in Togo, Africa, where glasses can cost up to four months of wages.

MOM’s has also been using solar power since 2013 and operates a 1.5-megawatt offsite solar project in Kingsville, Maryland, which provides around 25% of the total power needs of its 20-plus stores.

The company sources organic produce from regional and local suppliers.

Chris Miller, MOM’s produce director, told Organic Produce Network that the Boston market has been a longtime goal of the company.

“I have been around at MOM’s long enough to remember when it was a ‘major expansion’ to open our first store in the Baltimore area, which is only about 40 miles north of where the business started and is headquartered,” Miller said. “We were nervous and excited with that first step into a new market. From there, we opened stores in the Philadelphia region and more recently in the NYC metro area.”

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