Apr 23, 2020
Lorena Garcia hired by TerraFresh Organics

Mill Valley, California’s TerraFresh Organics, an organic fruit company, recently announced the hiring of Lorena Garcia as director of sales and business development.

TerraFresh Organics (TFO), an organic fruit company, sources organic citrus, mangoes, stone fruit and grapes primarily from the U.S., Mexico, Central and South America to North American markets.

In her new job, Garcia will coordinate between growers and packing houses, as well as build upon the domestic citrus programs already in place. She joins TFO from Sundance Natural Foods, where she was employed since 1996.

For more than twenty years, Garcia has served the fresh produce industry, primarily working with growers, shippers and wholesalers in the organic citrus space. Her experience includes managing grower relationships, pack schedules, sales and budgets.

“Her sales knowledge in this space, along with her passion for the organic fruit industry, will make for a great fit within our company,” Greg Holzman, co-founder and managing partner of TerraFresh Organics, said in a press release.

Groups interested in learning more about TerraFresh Organics or contacting the team may email sales@terrafreshorganics.com or call 415-547-8300.

Photo: TerraFresh Organics


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