Nov 17, 2022
GroPro expands in California and Florida

Due to growing demand, GroPro is pleased to announce the expansion of its storage, manufacturing and packaging facilities in the USA.

GroPro, an international bio-pesticide, bio-stimulant, and bio-fertilizer manufacturer with headquarters in Austin, Texas, is planning an expansion of its operational facilities in California and Florida.

The planned expansion will replace California’s existing 5,000-square-foot storage facility with a new development facility of about 12,000 square feet. The new facilities, located in Fresno, California, also will include liquid bio-fertilizer manufacturing and storage integrated with crop protection blending and bottling facility and warehouse. In addition, the new liquid facility will be equipped with a new research and development laboratory.

Also, with an additional 5,000-square-fott warehouse in Florida, GroPro will allow its southeast dealer quicker access to materials. According to the GroPro team, these expansion projects aim to improve customer service and operational efficiency.

“GroPro is committed to investing in continuous process improvements and deepening the implementation of GroPro U.S. commercial, manufacturing and R&D strategy that will benefit and support our existing and new customers. With these new facilities in California, we will be able to continue providing uninterrupted deliveries and faster supply of our products to our partners and customers,” said Benito Varela, GroPro’s COO.

GroPro’s approach includes a combination of unique natural ingredients and modern technologies to increase the bio-efficacy of products. Sustainability is firmly rooted in the entire company’s decision process, from early research to product development. This empowers our development team here and abroad to research and formulate effective materials that benefit our distributors, dealers and growers.



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