Apr 4, 2024
Biostimulant access expanded by partnership

Acadian Plant Health, a biostimulant technologies provider, has announced a strategic distribution partnership with Koppert USA, a biological crop protection and natural pollination supplier.

The partnership provides the Dartmouth, NS, Canada-based Acadian’s U.S. customers with increased ease of access to products and local technical expertise, in line with the company’s commitment to bring innovative solutions to the agricultural industry, according to a news release.

Acadian Plant Health“This partnership gives our U.S. customers access to Acadian products even faster and provides them with better on-the-ground expert support,” Candace Azad, Acadian’s vice president of North America, said in the release. “Koppert’s expertise and dedication to innovation align perfectly with our mission to deliver cutting-edge biological solutions, and we’re excited to work together for the benefit of our customers.”

Through the partnership, Acadian customers gain access to an expanded support network, which includes additional agronomic advice. Customers also benefit from Koppert’s robust logistics capabilities, including additional warehousing and a dedicated delivery fleet, ensuring faster shipping times, according to the release.

Koppert Biological SystemsKoppert now distributes Acadian and Acadian Organic to U.S. retail customers in Alabama, Arizona, Arkansas, California, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi, Nevada, New Mexico, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Tennessee, and Texas.

Acadian Plant Health is a biostimulant company with a core focus on sustainable, science-based biological solutions for specialty and broad-acre crops.

Based in Howell, Michigan, Koppert USA’s Koppert Biological Systems (KBSI) is an agricultural crop protection and natural pollination supplier. KBSI provides biological solutions to the horticulture and agriculture industries.


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