Jan 3, 2018
Florida’s Jet Harvest hires Washington sales rep
Stephen Kloosterman

Jet Harvest Solutions, a Florida-based ag products company, recently announced it had hired Matthew Ohl in the Pacific Northwest to expand its sales team.

Matt Ohl Photo: Jet Harvest

Ohl will operate out of his West Richland, Washington office and will primarily focus on Washington, Oregon and Idaho. He started his agriculture career with the J.R. Simplot company in 2014 and worked with multiple crops including potatoes, corn, onions, peas, alfalfa and wheat. Ohl graduated from Washington State University with a bachelor’s degree in Ag Technology and Management.

In a release from the company, Ohl said he was excited to join the Jet Harvest team.

“They are an innovative company with a strong history of providing outstanding products and services to the agricultural industry,” he said. “They are also forward thinkers, and are constantly looking for ways to improve with their existing products, or create new products for pre-harvest, near harvest and post-harvest needs in the ag industry.”

Founded in 2004, all Jet Harvest Solutions products are registered materials for organic use.  Jet Harvest Solutions product line includes Jet-Ag and Jet-Oxide peroxyacetic acid products; Bio-Save, which is a post-harvest biological decay control agent; Cherry Armor for the prevention of rain cracking and final growth; and OsmoPro, a naturally occurring glycine betaine that aids crops when environmental stress is caused by heat, cold, salinity or drought.

Jet Harvest Owner and Director of Business Development Bill Grant said the Florida-based company was excited to have a full-time staff member in the Northwest.

“It is one of the largest (if not the largest) growing region in the United States for many fruits and vegetables including sweet cherries, pears, apples, blueberries, potatoes, onions and hops,” Grant said. “Matt has a lot of energy and passion to help each warehouse and grower produce the best piece of produce possible and he has hit the ground running.”

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