Oct 26, 2021
Del Rey Avocado invests in supplier-management software

Del Rey Avocado Company, a California-based, family-owned packing operation, is now digitally managing suppliers and vendors using Highland Hub software.

Hillary DeCarl
Hillary DeCarl

The company packs organic avocados in addition to conventionally-grown avocados, according to the company website. Del Rey Avocado Vice President of Operations Jessica Hunter will be a panelist speaker at the Organic Grower Summit December in Monterey, California.

Highland Ag Solutions provides digital solutions for food safety, compliance, and data management through a software system called Highland Hub.

Hillary DeCarl, food safety coordinator and field representative for Del Rey said in a news release from Highland Ag Solutions that her team uses Supplier Portal to manage their suppliers and providers.
“We had gone through some demos with other companies, and we needed an online solution badly,” DeCarl said in the release. “Highland Hub Supplier Portal was the one that did it for us. In our previous system, it was tedious to track the documentation. With Highland Hub, alerts and notifications for supplier documentation such as Letters of Guarantee, Certificate of Analysis, and Third-Party Audit Certificates allow us to digitally manage supplier compliance.”

Highland Hub provides tools that consolidate supplier verification programs, an important factor in regulatory compliance. Supplier Portal has been a game-changer for Hillary and her team.

“We are excited to provide a solution that allows them to digitally manage suppliers in the U.S., Mexico and South America. International suppliers are vital to avocado operations like Del Rey, and Highland is ready to help organize and streamline that process,” Justin Machell, CEO at Highland Ag Solutions, said in the news release.


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