Oct 19, 2021
Colorado’s Spring Born hires top grower, marketer

Spring Born, a 2.5-acre organic greenhouse in Colorado, recently hired Danielle Davis as director of marketing and sales and Josh Budka as head grower.

Danielle Davis
Danielle Davis

The two were hired to spearhead production and expansion, according to a news release from the company.

Budka, the head grower, holds a horticulture science degree from Purdue University, according to the release. Before joining Spring Born, he worked at various indoor farming operations and conducted research for universities and governmental agencies.

As a marketer, Davis has more than a decade of experience within the fresh produce, meat and seafood industry, according to the release. Specifically, she has controlled environment agriculture, aka CEA, experience, previously leading a food business consulting agency and working for other high-tech farms.

Davis and Budka “both provide a different perspective and expertise for the business and are passionate about food production methods that better our food system and lead to thriving agricultural communities,” Charles Barr, Spring Born owner and president, said in the news release.

Josh Budka
Josh Budka

Spring Born’s initial retail and foodservice offerings are grown in organic peat, which the company says is unique in the industry and uses 90% less water than large-scale outdoor farms. Spring Born claims to be the “largest, fully-automated and USDA-certified organic indoor farm in the Intermountain West.”

Spring Born is wholly owned and operated by Barr, allowing the company “flexibility in product development and responsiveness to customers without sign-off from additional stakeholders,” according to the news release.

“We’ve just finished tweaking the environment and testing various cultivars to determine which we want to grow in our greenhouse,” Budka said.

Spring Born greens are available for distribution right now, according to the news release.

“We’re listening and reacting to the ever-changing customer and consumer needs,” Davis said. “I think using natural sunlight and an organic soil medium to grow greens just makes sense – we’re having fun wowing customers and cooks with the freshness and flavor of our greens.”

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