Jan 8, 2021
Chelsea Green publishing handbook on organic-style gardening

A new handbook on organic-style gardening will sprout this spring from English gardener Matt Rees-Warren and Chelsea Green Publishing.

“If we design our gardens to be regenerative, the result will be functional, beautiful spaces full of life and vigor, robust enough to face the challenges of the future and elegant enough to beguile all those who walk among them,” Rees-Warren said in a news release for the book.

The author has served as a head gardener, horticulturist, and garden designer in England, according to the release: “as an advocate of organic gardening, permaculture, no-dig gardening, and other sustainable practices, his style and ethos reflect the changing relationship between ourselves, our gardens, and the natural world.”

The Ecological Gardener advocates for gardens that welcome birds and bees and showcases native plantings and wildflowers, with minimal carbon impact or need for fresh water, according to the news release. The book places ecological considerations above all else, but “without reducing the importance of gardens as platforms for individual expression.”

Practical projects in the book include rainwater harvesting, laying a hedgerow, producing various kinds of compost, and making use of reclaimed materials that will transform your garden.

The Ecological Gardener goes on sale April 29, and is available for pre-order on Amazon for $25.


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