Apr 20, 2021
Cal-Organic’s ‘new crop’ organic potatoes to ship soon

Starting April 26, Cal-Organic Farms, the nation’s largest producer of organic vegetables, will begin shipping new-crop, or the earliest harvested crop, of red and gold potatoes from its Lamont, California, facility.

Then, the company’s organic rainbow fingerling variety is set to ship mid-May and organic russets will follow in mid-June.

A division of Grimmway Farms, Cal-Organic is one of the first producers to offer new crop organic potatoes this season. The company is currently harvesting reds and golds in Coachella Valley and will transition to harvest its complete portfolio of organic potatoes in Kern County next month. Spreading their potato crops across multiple regions allows Cal-Organic to harvest its premium quality potatoes early and maintain consistent supply through December.

“Quality looks phenomenal and we’re seeing one of the best potato crops we’ve had in years,” said Bob Borda, VP of organic sales at Grimmway Farms, through a news release. “Mild weather through winter and spring have provided optimal yields with great availability for reds and golds this month and prepared us for a seamless transition in May.”

Cal-Organic’s red, gold and russet potatoes are now packed in breathable bags featuring half poly film and half mesh material to improve the shelf life of the product. The company is offering organic red and gold potatoes in 3- and 5-pound packs as well as 50-pound bulk cartons filled with A, B or C-sized spuds. In May, Cal-Organic will release rainbow fingerling potatoes, including gold, red and purple varieties, in 1.5-pound mesh packs as well as 25- and 50-pound bulk cartons with single color options available for bulk orders. Organic russets will be offered in 3- and 5-pound packs, as well as 50-pound bulk cartons.

Photo: Cal-Organic/Grimmway


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