Nov 15, 2022
Biofriendly expands greenhouse emissions product distribution in Eastern Europe

Biofriendly, an environmental education and technology company, has expanded its Green Plus energy transition fuel into more markets in Eastern Europe.

Peter Biro presenting Green Plus at a conference.


The goal of the expansion in Hungary and Romania is to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in agriculture, construction, medical, transportation, and fuel stations and is the latest move by the California-based company. Biofriendly has successfully partnered with Josef Kaufmann Farming, and recently added Indian Sped LTD as a new customer as well.

“It is a triumph to expand the use of Green Plus to more businesses in this part of the world,” said Peter Biro, Biofriendly’s distributor in Hungary. “With increased fuel efficiency and improved air quality, I’m excited to see the adoption of Green Plus in Europe, and hopefully this inspires more people to help themselves and the planet.”

“Since using Green Plus, we have seen our engine oil consumption reduced to half, over 10% in fuel savings, and the performance of our engines has improved significantly,” said Zoltan Szabo, director and owner of the Romanian company SA Padureni.


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