Oct 28, 2020
Aquaponic farm Superior Fresh announces new organic salad variety, packaging

Wisconsin’s Superior Fresh, LLC, a large aquaponic farm growing USDA-certified organic produce and Atlantic salmon, recently rolled out a new salad variety as well as new environmentally-friendly packaging.

The new packaging included a company brand re-fresh. The new packaging clamshells are made in part from recycled water bottles, according to a press release from the company.

“It is time to bring attention to all that Superior Fresh is doing, and brightening our look and feel

“This new, colorful, environmentally friendly packaging highlights our intent to thoughtfully protect the environment and to elevate the organic produce experience,” Todd Linsky of Superior Fresh said in a press release.

“Our farming family includes some of the brightest organic minds in this field,” he added. “We are tapping experts in food, farming and science to help us effectively work in conjunction with nature to develop solutions to the problems plaguing today’s farming community. Problems that include the overuse of diminishing natural resources – such as water and soil.”

The new salad product, Citrus Splash, “offers consumers a unique opportunity to expand their culinary experience” and can be paired with the farm’s “non-GMO, organically fed Superior Fresh Atlantic salmon.”

Citrus Splash salad product
Citrus Splash. Photo: Superior Fresh

“We have always been about doing things a little differently,” Todd Linsky of Superior Fresh said in a press release. “We have created a balanced organic ecosystem by raising the cleanest, healthiest Atlantic salmon using organic practices and principles and applying our proprietary organic farming methods to grow the best tasting organic salads and greens you have ever eaten. We do this while raising the bar on sustainability with practices that give us the ability to grow lettuce using less than one gallon of water. And what’s really impactful is we actually reuse 99% of all water.”

“You do not choose organic aquaponics as a growing method by sticking to what is established, Linsky added. “You do not commit to 800 acres of soil regeneration if you are doing it like everyone else. We are taking the responsibility of being one of the largest USDA certified organic salad operations very seriously. Our customers expect us to bring our best using thoughtful innovation – every time – whether that be in the way that we farm or with what we grow.”


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