Nov 21, 2023
AgroFresh Contol-Tec equipment receives European organic certification

 AgroFresh Solutions Inc., which specializes in post-harvest produce freshness and quality solutions, has received CAAE certification for certain solutions from its Control-Tec equipment line. This certification reflects AgroFresh’s commitment to delivering sustainable, efficient and organic solutions across the globe.

Spain-based CAAE  specializes in certification of organic production. CAAE operates globally, providing services that meet the diverse needs of the organic sector in Europe, North and South America, Africa and Asia.


“The CAAE certification for part of our Control-Tec equipment line solidifies our dedication to amplifying our organic offerings and promoting sustainability,” Michael Hamby, chief commercial officer at AgroFresh, said in a news release. “We are proud to offer a comprehensive range of solutions that help both organic and conventional packers meet their sustainability goals and contribute to a more environmentally conscious world.”

Control-Tec is a range of post-harvest treatment equipment for the application of fruit protection products and freshness management technologies at packer facilities, including solutions for packing lines, storage rooms or water treatment. This certification has been granted for five systems that are now compatible with EU organic production standards.

Control-Tec Applicator Washer

This equipment facilitates post-harvest fruit washing using less water and eco-friendly detergents, minimizing environmental impact while helping to meet food safety standards. It also allows the use of technological adjuvants authorized for organic products.

Control-Tec Degreening

This equipment manages ripening and degreening parameters, such as ethylene, temperature, humidity and carbon dioxide levels, to preserve fruit quality, helping to ensure uniform degreening for citrus or the ripening of other climacteric fruits.

Control-Tec Eco

A water recycling solution that extends the lifespan of treatment water during post-harvest processes, reducing water consumption by up to 60%. It is a sustainable addition to drenchers and other water-intensive post-harvest processes.

Control-Tec Pure Air

Using ultraviolet (UV) light technology, this equipment filters ambient air in storage or transport rooms, minimizing growth of bacterial and fungal spores, enhancing fruit and vegetable preservation.

Control-Tec Ultrahumidifier

An automatic system that controls relative humidity levels in storage chambers for fruits and vegetables, maintaining high humidity without wetting the produce, thus reducing weight loss and dehydration.

“This achievement is a testament to AgroFresh’s unwavering dedication to innovation and sustainability,” Ian MacKellar, chief operations officer at AgroFresh, said in a news release. “The CAAE certification for these Control-Tec systems showcases our commitment to providing organic and conventional packers with the tools they need to enhance their post-harvest processes while reducing water usage and upholding food safety standards.”

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