Dec 26, 2022
Organic Seed Alliance publishes 2023 policy platform

Organic Seed Alliance has published a policy platform calling for a level playing field among seed growers and independent seed companies as well as increased diversity, equity and inclusion.

The platform, published Dec. 14, provides recommendations for advancing equitable and resilient seed systems in the 2023 Farm Bill and beyond, according to a news release. It includes recommendations on how Congress, regulatory agencies and state governments can support organic seed producers and the diversity of the national seed supply.

Organic Seed Alliance has published a policy platform for 2023 and beyond. Photo: File

Other key objectives include:

  • Resist the privatization of seeds and genetic traits
  • Increase investments in public plant breeding as a climate change solution
  • Support ecological seed production by expanding organic seed acreage
  • Protect the genetic integrity of organic and other non-GMO seed
  • Increase the diversity and quantity of organic seed available in the marketplace

“OSA envisions a future where seed is not only managed as a commodity, but as a collective commitment to our future,” Kiki Hubbard, OSA advocacy director, said. “As part of this vision, farmers would have adequate choice in seed free of restrictive forms of intellectual property rights, such as patents, and GMO traits. Indigenous seed growers would control if, how, and when culturally significant plants are shared outside of their communities, and the seed industry would no longer be highly concentrated. Public seed collections would also serve the public good first, growing in capacity and diversity each year to secure a healthy and resilient food supply for future generations.”

More information about the platform and OSA’s #LeadWithSeed farm policy bill campaign is available online.

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