USDA expands crop insurance to cover grapevine loss

The USDA is expanding crop insurance options with a new grapevine insurance program to cover loss of grafted vines caused by natural perils such as fr... more »

Southwest Michigan Viticulture Field Day activities set

The 34th Annual Southwest Michigan Viticulture Field Day will include information on autonomous technology, late-season pest and disease management an... more »

WSU Smart Vineyard field day to highlight irrigation

Precision irrigation sensors and technologies to mitigate heat stress are scheduled to be on display at the Washington State University’s Smart Vine... more »

Winc reports unprecedented growth in organic wines, driven by expanded distribution

Winc, Inc. recently announced the growth and expansion of its organic wines in major national retailers including Walmart, Whole Foods, Albertsons, HE... more »

Cheers to growers of organic vines, wines: Editor’s letter

It gets complicated, but worldwide, more grapevines are grown organically every year. Although organic vineyards remain a small slice (6%) of overa... more »

Bonterra Organic Vineyards wins industry award

Bonterra Organic Vineyards’ advertising campaign was recently recognized by the industry. The California winemaker was awarded the 2020 Best Orga... more »

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