Oct 15, 2020
TIMOREX ACT OMRI-listed fungicide allowed for California fruits, vegetables

The California Department of Pesticide Regulation has recently granted registration approval for TIMOREX ACT fungicide, according to a news release from Summit Agro USA.

TIMOREX ACT, an OMRI-listed product, is marketed to advanced natural plant disease control in multiple fruit and vegetable crops.

Summit AgroThe fungicide available from Summit Agro USA is based on a botanical extract of the tea tree plant, according to the news release. ACT is highly effective against a broad spectrum of both foliar and soil-borne diseases.

TIMOREX ACT is a FRAC Code 46 fungicide containing the active ingredient tea tree oil, according to the release. Tea tree oil is a natural compound, and formulated with organic approved complementary components.

“TIMOREX ACT has a unique activity against both fungal and bacterial plant pathogens.” Eric Tedford, Summit Agro field R&D manager, said in the news release. “Having activity against bacterial diseases as well as fungal diseases is a huge benefit to growers as both pathogens can greatly limit yield and quality and there are not many products available to growers for control of bacterial diseases.”

Tedford added that a useful training module for TIMOREX ACT is accessible at summitagro-USA.com.

TIMOREX ACT is friendly it is to pollinators and other beneficial insects, according to the release. The Xerces Society for Invertebrate Conservation issued a report on organic pesticides and toxicity to pollinators, and TIMOREX ACT was among the few fungicides rated as having the lowest impact.

For use in both curative and preventative control programs, there are no residues with TIMOREX ACT, which means no maximum residue limit, MRL, according to the release.

Further information on TIMOREX ACT can be found at summitagro-usa.com.

Summit Agro USA LLC, is headquartered in Durham, North Carolina. Its products are available exclusively from Helena Agri-Enterprises and Tenkoz member companies. TIMOREX ACT is a registered trademark of Stockton (Israel) Ltd.


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