Sep 27, 2022
Organic seed company De Bolster to purchase Seed-X’s GeNee Technology

De Bolster champions sustainable solutions for organic farmers and is harnessing the power of the technology to improve the usable plant rate of its tomato, pepper and cucumber seeds.

GeNee Technology is the world’s first seed scanning solution that uses computer vision and artificial intelligence, rather than mechanical sifting processes. By disrupting conventional seed processing, it sets a new standard in seed lot quality.

Its non-destructive, seed-by-seed classification, based on image analysis, predicts germination and other unaddressed quality attributes. It promotes seed waste reduction, and increases usable seed quantities. As a result, seed suppliers can restore the market value of otherwise unsellable batches.

With traditional separation procedures, an average of 10%-15% seed lots fail to meet the target quality. That figure can drop to only just 5% with GeNee Sorter.

De Bolster has bought the GeNee technology ready-embedded in a sorting machine built by German-based company Petkus Technologie GmbH in partnership with Seed-X.

De Bolster will use the Petkus OS-P machine to map the size, color and other attributes of germinated seeds, allowing it to improve the performance of its current seed processing line and strengthen its production capabilities,
It will provide customers with organic, highly-germinating and vigorous seeds produced in a sustainable, more cost-efficient manner.

By purchasing the GeNee technology De Bolster will be able to upgrade their seed lots, streamline production and execute more efficient seed production planning. They will also save on storage and operational expenses.


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