May 17, 2022
SARE seeks ideas to improve sustainable agriculture outreach

The Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education program is seeking recommendations for information products or outreach initiatives that extend research-based sustainable innovations to improve the sustainability of American agriculture.

Do you have an idea for an educational product or outreach initiative that could help farmers or ranchers improve their profitability, environmental stewardship and quality of life? Maybe a suggestion for filling an information gap that is hindering the adoption of sustainable agriculture practices? If so, please submit your ideas by June 1.

Previous SARE Outreach projects have included:

  • Books, bulletins and factsheets exploring the principles of sustainable agriculture
  • Videos demonstrating sustainable practices at work
  • Outreach initiatives that extend SARE funded research results to a national audience

Click here to submit your idea.

Submissions should address the following criteria:

  • Advances sustainable innovations that improve profitability, stewardship and quality of life in agriculture
  • Extends SARE-funded research that addresses a critical information gap
  • Serves the needs of farmers, ranchers and/or agricultural educators at the national or transregional level

This survey is intended to assess information needs and opportunities only. Submission does not constitute a request for or guarantee of funding. Competitive grant opportunities are offered regularly by the four SARE regional programs. Information regarding regional SARE grants can be found at Please contact SARE Outreach at if you have questions or comments.

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