Jan 15, 2020
‘Romeo,’ a new organic fungicide, coming from Wilbur-Ellis

Wilbur-Ellis Co. this week announced it would be the exclusive distributor of  Romeo, a new and innovative organic fungicide.

Romeo is a preventive biofungicide that functions the same way vitamins work for humans, according to a press release from the company. Romeo enables plants to develop pathogen-fighting compounds to prevent the development of those pathogens into the disease. By introducing plants to a non-living fungus, Romeo signals plant pathways to enable the production of plant internal responses which can then effectively prevent disease development, according to the press release.

Because of its propensity for synergy with other active ingredients, Romeo can be used as a foundational component, allowing for more robust disease-management programs that incorporate other products, according to the press release. In addition, Romeo is organic-farming ready – it’s an all-natural product that leaves behind no residue.

“We have been evaluating many biofungicide candidates in field trials over the past few years, and this product clearly stands out in its level of consistency and efficacy in powdery and downy mildew management programs,” said Wilbur-Ellis Key Actives and Biopesticides Portfolio Manager Jesse Rosales.

“I see this product becoming a disease-management foundation not only in organic systems, but also in conventional tree fruit, tree nut, vine and vegetable cropping systems. Its host-plant-inducing mode of action makes it a great complement to pathogen-attacking biofungicides like Sonata from Wilbur-Ellis,” he added.

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