Feb 15, 2022
PhycoTerra makes ’10 most innovative products’ list

Heliae Agriculture recently announced that PhycoTerra ST, a seed coating, was named a Top 10 Most Innovative Product by a leading seed industry publication, Seed World.

While PhycoTerra ST isn’t organic, at least one other product from Heliae, an algal tech company that specializes in scalable regenerative agriculture solutions, is certified by the Organic Materials Review Institute (OMRI). PhycoTerra Organic soil microbial food is a core product in the company’s portfolio.

Seed World recognized 10 innovators with seed products making impactful changes for growers across the globe, according to a news release from the company. Winners were chosen based on their ability to deliver return on investment – aka ROI – for growers, uniqueness of the product, market potential and societal impact.


Launched in February 2021, PhycoTerra ST is marketed as one of the first seed treatments to utilize microalgal technology to apply a high-quality carbon coat to the seed, according to Heliae’s release. Sourced from nature, the formulation serves as a balanced food source for the microbes that live on and around the seed, activating them and putting them to work as soon as it is sown.

“PhycoTerra ST is moving the needle for growers with amazing ROI, high mixability and low application rates,” said Norm Davy, chief revenue officer of Heliae Agriculture. “Thirteen years of research in algae, along with soil and crop science fields have all led up to this, and we’re proud Seed World has recognized us as a leader in this space, working to give growers consistent wins by improving soil health.”

By applying PhycoTerra ST, growers feed and wake up the beneficial microbes in the seed microbiome, which is the crop’s first interaction with the soil, according to the news release. A thriving and diverse seed microbiome plays a critical role in germination, stand establishment, and a crop’s eventual yield, vigor, and ability to withstand abiotic stresses, such as drought, flooding and temperature extremes. PhycoTerra ST is formulated to feed a diverse range of beneficial native microorganisms and synergizes with inoculants such as Bradyrhizobiaspecies. The innovative, award-winning seed treatment is effective across a wide range of soil types and crops. PhycoTerra ST trials have shown excellent ROI for growers, with a 21:1 ROI for soybeans, a 67:1 ROI for corn, and a 309:1 ROI for canola. Additional results can be found at https://phycoterra.com/performance.

PhycoTerra ST is a pasteurized, shelf-stable seed treatment that can easily be combined with a wide range of seed treatments, such as insecticides, fungicides, and inoculants, according to the news release. Recognized as Product of the Year by the Algae Biomass Organization, PhycoTerra ST is part of a pioneering product family that has been applied on over a million acres of farmland worldwide. Learn how PhycoTerra microalgal products can benefit growers throughout the season, from planting to post-harvest residue management.

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