Jul 7, 2022
Organic market update: Week 27
Organic Produce Network

Organic Produce Network offers a round-up of organic fruit and vegetable production for national and international markets.


The first half of July will be an excellent time to promote early summer Organic Grapes from Mexico. There are strong volumes to promote all colors of Organic Seedless Grapes and some high flavor specialty varieties as well, including Organic OG Gummy Berries (Red type), OG Jelly Berries (Black type), OG Cotton Candy (Green/Yellow type). New production of Organic Grapes from Coachella, CA are getting started, with volume ramping up.


Organic Color Bell Pepper production is showing lighter supplies for early July. Quality remains strong, and pricing will be on the rise in early July as availability will decrease. Organic Mini Mix Sweet Peppers are very limited as Mexican suppliers transition to the Baja growing region. Expect supply gaps and increased costs during July.


Organic Romaine Hearts and Iceberg Lettuce from California are in steady supply. Organic Iceberg remains promotable, and Organic Romaine Hearts are experiencing better than anticipated supplies. Quebec suppliers have begun harvests and product will be available during July.

Stone fruit

Organic Cherries from Washington are coming into season later than usual. Prices are expensive as the crop is significantly lighter in volume. With improved weather new varieties will add more overall volume. For the first week of July look for Organic Dark Sweet, Rainier, and Skylar Rae Cherries. Organic Apricots will transition from California to Washington with good supplies expected. Organic Yellow & White Nectarines and Peaches are in good supply for the month, along with Organic Red and Black Plums. On the specialty front, Organic Verry Cherry Plums and Organic Pluots are now in season.


Organic Seedless Watermelons are available, as Bakersfield, CA crops have started up with excellent quality. There will be a small Georgia deal this season as well, and overall quality should be excellent. Organic Mini Watermelons are tight as regions are gapping. Mexico and SoCal harvests finished, and new fields are just starting. Quality has been excellent, and more availability is expected to come as the month progresses. Organic Cantaloupes are in season with promotable pricing and excellent quality. Organic Honeydew are also in season from USA. Organic Hami and Galia Melons continue, and there’s still some Mexican Organic Honeydews at a promotable pricing.


Organic Asparagus prices are easing off with more product available out of Mexico, offering a promotable market through the end of July.


Organic Broccoli is limited from California, as extensive heat in June has created light yields and higher pricing. Expect conditions to continue into mid-July. Limited supplies of local Pennsylvania Organic Broccoli will be available in early July and the Quebec crop is on the horizon. Organic Sweet Baby Broccoli is in steady availability, but because of increased demand, costs have increased. Organic Broccoli Rabe remains steady in pricing and availability.


There are some modest supplies of Pennsylvania Organic Naked Cauliflower, Organic Color Cauliflower, and Organic Romanesco now available. The Canadian crop is expected to begin in early to mid-July. Organic Cauliflower from California is in steady supplies for most shippers, but some are experiencing light harvests for early July.


Organic Strawberries remain promotable out of Watsonville, CA. Quality has been excellent, and supplies remain plentiful. New Jersey Organic Blackberries are in season, and while quality has been nice, volume will be light with a short season. California Organic Blackberry harvests are in transition and volume is very limited. Organic Raspberries will be promotable out of California as quality has been excellent, and supplies are strong. Organic Blueberries are going to be extremely tight for early July. New Jersey harvests are limited, and California crops finished weeks earlier than planned due to hot temps. The Pacific Northwest deal is delayed due to frosts early in the cycle, creating this huge gap in supplies.

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