Mar 31, 2022
Organic market update for week 13, 2022
Organic Produce Network

The Organic Produce Network has released an organic market update on asparagus, broccoli and cauliflower, watermelon, lettuce, and more, for the week of March 27.


Organic Asparagus markets continue to open up, with prices decreasing on increased supplies. Promotional opportunities are available the beginning of April on quality product available out of Mexico. Prices should swing back up heading toward Easter, with 11lb Organic Asparagus offering promotional opportunities. UPC’d pouch bag Organic Asparagus is in steady supply.

Broccoli and Cauliflower

Organic broccoli production from SoCal and Yuma, Arizona, is coming to a close, with production slowly starting in Salinas, California. Transition time can be difficult, creating product limitations and price increases; however, the southern growing regions are expected to overlap with Salinas. Organic sweet baby broccoli will remain limited and have gaps in production until mid-April. Organic cauliflower continues to remain limited and expensive as production winds down in southern growing regions. The transition to northern growing areas is not expected to be as smooth as broccoli, with potential limitations or gaps in supplies in early April.


Organic seedless watermelons are expected to start in early April, although harvests could be delayed until the middle of the month if the fruit is unable to mature due to cooler temperatures in Mexico’s growing regions. There will also be limited supplies of 8ct organic mini seedless watermelons.


Organic leaf lettuce and romaine lettuce from Florida show better production in late March, but prices are expected to remain elevated. West Coast production in the northern growing regions will begin in late March, with pricing expected to be higher but improve as production increases. Organic romaine hearts and iceberg lettuce remain limited in supplies due to heavy aphids (insect) or sizing issues. Northern California production has started and should continue to improve into April with fresh crop plantings.


Organic strawberries will remain promotable from California and Mexico, as quality has been nice from both areas and supplies are strong. Organic blueberry prices are steady, with Mexico and U.S. products commanding a premium on outstanding quality. Peru is still shipping product and quality has been good. Organic blackberry prices are higher as growers are in a transition period. Organic raspberry prices are higher with limited production out of Mexico.

Warm Vegetables

Organic cucumbers, eggplant, zucchini, and yellow squash continue to see lighter production from Mexico resulting in price increases. Organic cucumbers and squash are expected to drastically improve in early April and bring promotional opportunities on strong volume. Organic zucchini from Florida began harvest in mid-March and volumes are now improving. Expect better supplies and top-notch quality with potential promotional opportunities in early April. Organic eggplant from Florida has also seen drastic improvements in production in late March and is expected to remain in steady volumes into early April.

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