Oct 14, 2022
Organic Grower Summit announces session on biologicals

The various biologicals available, how growers choose them and their impact on the cost of doing business will be discussed in an educational session at Organic Grower Summit (OGS) 2022.

As pest control and crop management continue to be front and center in organic farming, biologicals have become an increasingly important tool in the growing of specialty crops.

“Less Chemistry and More Biology” will feature leaders from three companies actively involved in crop science and solutions sharing their insight on the biological tools available for organic specialty crop production, their impact on the organic fresh produce industry, and what the increased availability of these biologicals will mean for future production.

Moderated by Dennis Donohue, director of the Western Growers Center for Innovation & Technology, the panelists for the session will include Pam Marrone, advisor for Biocerces Crop Solutions; Don Cameron, vice president/general manager for Terranova Ranch; and Denise Manker, outreach and engagement, biologics for Bayer CropScience.

Other educational sessions slated for OGS 2022 include:
• The Future of Ag Tech—Expanding On-Farm Profitability
• Regenerative Organic Marketing and Certification—What Lies Ahead?
• The Growth, Opportunities, and Future of CEA Production
• Get Ahead of the Curve and Avoid Regulatory Speedbumps
• Exploring Organic Research: A Discussion of Organic Grower Challenges and Solutions
• Data Dive into Organic Produce Sales

For more information, visit organicgrowersummit.com.


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