Apr 3, 2020
OMRI-listed Golden Pest Spray Oil receives EPA approval 

Stoller USA recently announced the addition of the spotted lanternfly to the Golden Pest Spray Oil label for conventional and organic use on the spotted lanternfly egg masses before they hatch.

Spotted lanternfly is an invasive pest from Asia that primarily feeds on tree of heaven (Ailanthus altissima) but poses a significant threat in the U.S. to agricultural and forest health. Adults and nymphs use their sucking mouthparts to feed on the sap of more than 70 plant species including grapes, hops, maple, walnut, fruit trees and ornamentals. They can feed in such large numbers that they stress plants, weakening the plants’ resistance to disease and other insects. The sticky honeydew they secrete can also be a nuisance for people during outside activities where large numbers of the insects are present.

The spotted lanternfly was first discovered in Pennsylvania in 2014 and has since been found in a small number of surrounding states. If allowed to spread in the U.S., it could seriously impact the nation’s orchard, grape and forestry industries. Golden Pest Spray Oil can be used as part of an integrated pest management (IPM) strategy to control this insect and slow its spread.

Stoller’s Golden Pest Spray Oil has been used successfully for several years to control gypsy moth when applied to the egg masses before they hatch. In recent trials, Golden Pest Spray Oil also provided control of spotted lanternfly when applied to its egg masses. This prevents further plant damage as compared to insecticides which are applied at later spotted lanternfly lifecycle stages, after plant damage has already occurred.

“The full extent of economic damage this pest could cause is alarming,” said Russell Thomas, Stoller USA General Manager. “Golden Pest Spray Oil is OMRI Listed, so it is safe and easy to use as an organic alternative to other pesticides. And, it provides superior control of spotted lanternfly when used as directed. We are excited to provide growers with a product to control this invasive pest and slow its spread.”

Stoller is a global plant health company headquartered in Houston, Texas with a 50-year history of helping growers increase the productivity of their crops by providing knowledge and products that optimize nutrition, promote proper phytohormone balance and promote optimum yield potential.

For more information visit www.stollerusa.com/spottedlanternfly or call 800-539-5283.

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