Apr 13, 2020
NOP offers new training courses online


The National Organic Program (NOP) recently announced new training lessons are now available online through its Organic Integrity Learning Center.

Users who need to create a free account should access
www.ams.usda.gov/services/organic-certification/training to read “Getting Started” and sign up. Growers with questions may write to  USDA-NOP@apvit.com.

The new courses were described by NOP in its weekly newsletter:

  • Course NOP-998- NOP Presentations
    Watch and listen to recordings of recent NOP presentations, including the NOP Overview at the January 2020 certifier’s training day and “Safeguarding Organic,” presented at EcoFarm.
  • Course NOP-070- Advanced Inspections: Investigations 
    Lesson 4: Evidence: What Is It and How Much Do I Need?
    Learn about how the evidence supports organic enforcement activities!
  • Course NOP-050- Certification Administration Essentials
    Lesson 6: Administrative Capacity and Certifier Transitions
    Learn about administrative capacity and the steps taken when a certifier limits certification activities or exits the organic market

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